low key

An image I made to demonstrate ‘low key’ lighting.


Fitness model Pam Chatman.

court of appeals

Interior image of the court of appeals at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

civic theater

I made this image of our beautiful Civic Theater in dowtown Akron while on a location scouting trip for a commercial project.

Click here to see ‘behind the scenes’ images from the production.


Saw this colorful little guy on the sidewalk last summer.


A chair in the Lawrence Churski Gallery, Akron, Ohio.


Here is a short video interview with Dannielle who I photographed for her agency marketing purposes.

fashion model Paige

an image of Paige from my fashion lookbook shoot for designer Abby Drake

fashion lookbook shoot

This is the crew from my photo shoot for fashion designer Abby Drake.

from left to right: Michaela Neu, Abby Drake, Paige Krejci, Debbie Krejci